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In addition to windows, we produce and install PVC exterior-, balcony-, terrace- and sliding doors. We make the door dimensions, opening methods and appearance according to the customers' wishes and needs. It is possible to design the appearance of the door by choosing a suitable layout of posts, glasses and plastic fillings, the right color profile and handle. It is possible to add adhesive design strips to the glass and plastic filling. All doors can be made with one door leaf or double-leaf. Exterior doors open outwards. The handle is on both sides of the door, i.e. the doors can be opened, closed and locked from both sides. The profile width of the opening part is - 120 mm for BrilliantDesign 70 mm and 116 mm for the Syneo profile system. In the lower part of the frame there is an aluminum threshold package with frost protection. There is no ventilation position at the top. Suitable for both residential and commercial buildings as a main entrance, intermediate door, etc. Balcony doors open inwards. The handle is only on one side of the door, i.e. the doors can be opened and closed from one side. The profile width of the opening part is from 68 mm. Possibility to open the top edge for ventilation. Terrace doors open outward. They are openable from one side therefor handle is only on one side of the door, i.e. the doors can be opened and closed from one side. The profile width of the opening part is - 94 mm for BrilliantDesign and 106 mm for the Syneo profile system. It is possible to add the ventilation opening option in special cases. Sliding doors are mostly used as a terrace door, but also as the main door for a residental building, guest house sauna building, etc. The first difference in the appearance of a sliding door with the other doors is a larger handle, a thicker frame and a large opening part. Mostly sliding doors open from the inside, but additionally at a small cost it is also possible to install a double handle with a lock. Movement of large opening parts can be motorized. We offer three types of sliding doors: Synego HST - the opening part of the door rolls directly on the threshold, it is possible to install the threshold into the floor and bring it to the same level as the floor so that only the guide rail of the roller with a diameter of 6 mm is above the floor. Very large elements 10 m x 2.7 m can be manufactured with HST. HST is the most comfortable and smoothest sliding door opening system we offer. Synego SLIDE - the door moves on a rail attached to the threshold. The threshold is at least 35 mm above the floor. The maximum element size is 4.5 m x 2.6 m. PSK - based on the balcony door profile. While the normal balcony door frame opens on pivoting hinges, the PSK opens out of the frame and moves on the rail with its rolling hinges. It is less convenient to use than HST and SLIDE. The advantage of PSK is the possibility of opening it to ventilation from the top, similar to a standard balcony door. Compared to other types of sliding doors, it has a lower price than them. The threshold is at least 68 mm above the floor. We offer a 5-year warranty for the doors we made and installed, and 10 year warranty for the correctly maintained locks and opening mechanisms. We are always willing to aid you with issues with our doors, even with doors that have passed the warranty period. We recommend maintaining your doors according to instructions. The proper functioning of the door starts with the correct installation, which is why we recommend ordering Kvaliteetaken OÜ's professional installation. If you decide to organize the installation yourself, make sure that your installer knows what he is doing and that he is able to take responsibility for the work even after the doors are put into use during the warranty period. Doors can be ordered from us by calling, writing or using our price inquiry system. It is also possible to order measurement, transport, installation and finishing services from us.


The main dimensions you need to know when ordering are the width and height of the "door-hole" .


The final door itself differs slightly from the dimensions of the door hole, as it is necessary to leave room for fixing the door in place and filling the surrounding area with insulating foam.


We can help you choose the dimensions of different parts of the door and other decorative elements based on the main dimensions.


It is also possible to order measurement services from us.

Measuring the window hole


The door profile is melted together, according to the order, into a single frame.

Door profiles can be found in almost any color and with different surface textures, such as rough surfaces reminiscent of wood and metal or ultra-smooth plastic surfaces.

Kvaliteeteken uses Rehau Synego, EuroDesign and BrilliantDesign profiles in the production of doors. The choice is based on heat retention requirements and the price difference.


The opening methods of exterior and most sliding doors are from the right or left, balcony doors and PSK sliding doors also have a ventilation position from above. Opening from the right or left also means that the handle is located on the right or left side of the door respectively.

​The door can open both in and out. In the case of sliding doors on the sides.

How the door opens must be decided according to the building itself.


Either double or triple glazing is done in the doors, the choice is how heat retentive the door must be. To increase security, tempered glass is usually installed in the doors.

With the aim of reducing the entry of solar heat into the building, it is possible to use toned glass with solar protection in addition to standard glass. Toned glass can also be chosen for the appearance of the door.

To maintain privacy in washrooms, toilets, etc., we recommend using frosted glass in the doors there, as the light shines through the frosted glass, but nothing else can be seen through it.


As add-ons to the doors, we also offer the possibility to choose handles and locking systems with a suitable color and design.

Decorative strips can be added to glass and plastic fillings for design purposes to achieve the desired appearance of the door. Decorative stirps are available in most profiles' colors.

In addition to doors' glass package it is possible to add a thermal strip which increases doors' overall heat retention.


The movement of the large opening parts of the doors can be motorized.