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At Kvaliteetaken OÜ, we produce and install plastic windows. We make the dimensions, opening methods and appearance of the window according to the customer's needs and wishes. It is possible to design the appearance of the window by choosing the suiting arrangement of the window's parts, which can be filled with glass or plastic filling, the profile and handle in the right color. It is also possible to add decorative strips to the glass and plastic filling for design purposes. PVC windows are a solid choice thanks to their good price, convenience in both handling and maintenance, durability and heat retention, i.e. overall optimality in our climate. Kvaliteetaken uses Rehau window profiles and Gretsch-Unitas solutions to make windows, which are of high quality and at the same time at a good price. We offer a 5-year warranty for the windows made and installed by us, and 10 years for properly maintained locking and opening mechanisms. We always try to solve the problems even for windows that have passed the warranty period. We definitely recommend maintaining the windows according to instructions. The proper functioning of the window starts with the correct installation, therefore we recommend ordering a professional installation from Kvaliteetaken OÜ. If you decide to organize the installation yourself, make sure that your installer knows what he is doing and that he is able to take responsibility for his work even after the windows are put into operation during the warranty period. You can order windows from us by calling, writing or using our price inquiry system. It is also possible to order measurement, transport, installation and finishing services from us.


The main dimensions you need to know when ordering are the width and height of the "window hole".


The final window itself differs slightly from the dimensions of the window hole, as it is necessary to leave room for fixing the window in place and filling the surrounding area with insulating foam.


We can help you choose the dimensions of the parts of the window and other decorative elements based on the main dimensions.


It is also possible to order measurement services from us.

Measuring the window hole


The window profile is melted together, according to the order, into a single frame.

Window profiles can be found in almost any color and with different surface textures, such as rough surfaces reminiscent of wood and metal or ultra-smooth plastic surfaces.

Kvaliteetaken uses Rehau Synego 80 mm, EuroDesign and BrilliantDesign 70 mm thick profiles in the production of windows. The choice lies in the heat retention requirements and the price difference.


Different parts of windows can be made openable in ways desired.

The parts of windows can open both inward and outward, the hinges of the opening parts are generally attached to the outer frame of the window.

The most common opening methods are from the right or left, and the ventilation position from the top. Opening from the right or left also means that the handle is located on the right or left side of the window respectively. It is also possible to order a sliding window.

How the parts of the window open must be decided according to the building itself.


Either double or triple glazing is done in the windows, the choice is how heat retentive the window must be.

In order to reduce the penetration of solar heat into the building, it is possible to use toned glass with solar protection instead of ordinary glass. Tinted glass can also be chosen for its appearance.

To increase security, it is also possible to install tempered glass in the window.

To maintain privacy in saunas, toilets, etc., we recommend using frosted glass in the windows there, as the light shines through the frosted glass, but it is not possible to see anything else through it.


As add-ons to the windows, we also offer the option of choosing handles and locking systems with a suitable color and design.

Decorative strips can be added to glass and plastic fillings for design purposes to achieve the desired appearance of the window.

In order to be able to leave the window in the ventilation position at any time even in the summer, we recommend ordering an insect net in addition to the window.

In addition to windows' glass package there's an option to add a thermal strip which increases the windows' overall heat retention.

It is also possible to order indoor and outdoor sills in many different shades from us.